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A New Future for Finance

A New Future for Finance

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There will be many changes in the financial world in the coming years.  Currently the Euro limps on, because the elite would rather eat their own shoes than admit that the Euro is a disaster that has led to the impoverishment of Europeans.  However, the elites themselves have long since made sure that their savings are not held in Euros, because elites never lose out.  The impending monetary pain will be felt mainly by the middle classes.  Blockchain technology, at the heart of the development of Bitcoin, can change the earnings models for many players in the financial sector.  The Matteo solution can ensure parallel coins Europe and thus offer a way out of Euro trouble.  The way new businesses get financed will change, and banks will become brokers linking entrepreneurs with private money lenders.  Peer2peer banking will go from strength to strength.  Entrepreneurs will start to lend each other money.  How and where to invest when the current interest rates are so low?  Bakas brings to this lecture vision, ideas, examples and tips for those working in the finance sector.

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