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The Future of Real Estate

The Future of Real Estate

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Self-healing concrete. Water-absorbing concrete, building using loam and cattle manure, temporary construction, buildings made from impregnated cardboard ….the sky is the limit in tomorrow’s construction sector. Energy-efficient houses, personal waste recycling and other types of sustainable construction are ahead. New facade? Lease the cladding for 30 years from the manufacturer instead of buying it. Lighting? Lease the lighting including bulb replacement, instead of buying it. 3D printed ornaments? Secondary facades such as those used in the city centre of Zaanstad? We will build much more beautiful buildings, because people will be looking for a backdrop for their lives. The time of purely functional construction kit buildings has passed.

We have an excess of shops and web shopping will gain popularity and will blend into physical shopping, web shops will open physical shops. Experience will become important and shopping areas will reduce significantly in size, the appearance will be improved and the area will be enhanced by original (foreign) retail formulas. Places where people will enjoy expressing themselves. Tourism will increase, the theme parkisation of cities will continue, there will be a rise in the use of hotels and rental of accommodation through platforms such as Airbnb. But at the same time, ISIS terrorism will also change the real estate market. Attacks in Europe will once again make the countryside an appealing place to be: rurbanisation. The office market will also change and there will be robots and 3D printers in factories. An inspirational, thrilling lecture about the future of real estate.

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