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Education for Tomorrow

Education for Tomorrow

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Every year, because we no longer speak German, we lose out on 8 billion euros-worth of exports to Germany.  Tomorrow’s elite spends 8-10 hours per week learning the dead languages of the past, Greek and Latin, whilst the important languages for the future are Chinese and Hindi.  Entrepreneurs will be crucial for the labour market of the future, because the classic employer-employee relationships are becoming a thing of the past.  Being able to market yourself will become and important skill.  Every child has to be au fait with technology, but not everyone needs to be academically gifted.  In our current ‘degree-democracy’ too many people were pushed through higher education: all chiefs, no Indians.  Skilled professions return, albeit modernized by technology.  There will be a need to find new work and appropriate education for poorly educated men, the current losers of progress and change.  These will be testing times for education.  In this lecture Bakas will bring examples to inspire, ideas and suggestions for all those working in or connected to education.

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