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The Government of Tomorrow

The Government of Tomorrow

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Society needs a government with get-up and go.  In Singapore and South-Korea it is standard practice to facilitate regular job secondments between government officers and people from business.  There is also a culture that reward efficient government officers with bonuses.  And why not?  This lecture concerns itself with the government of tomorrow.  Bakas describes the economic drivers that will generate new prosperity for Holland.  He anticipates close cooperation between a renewed government and businesses.  New State Capitalism – as is currently happening in South Korea.  Full employment in exchange for an ideal business climate.  Local authorities, counties and water authorities fuse to form 50 city states or regions.  Each of these will have a large amount of authority, rather like Hamburg in Germany.  Local authorities will be automated; there will be digitalized town halls such as is already the case in Molenwaard.  This will give a better service at a lower cost.  It is time to shake up the political landscape and to keep shaking until it looks nothing like it does now.  The EU collapses and the EEC (the former European common market) returns.  The authorities will be required to come up with a better response to demographic warfare and mass immigration.  And the authorities will be required to assist those citizens who fall by the wayside during the process of development and change

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