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Standard Lectures

Standard Lectures

foto van Trends 2021

Trends 2020

What's next? 2021, the Year of the Ox, will be a year of toil, both for citizens and entrepreneurs. Anyone who has the strength and perseverance of the ox will have a good year.

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foto van Megatrends MKB

MEGATRENDS SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

In Holland at least 97% of businesses are SMEs. Collectively SMEs are responsible for 47.5% of Dutch turnover and of those businesses with their own R&D activities 97% are SMEs. No-one talks about entrepreneurial enterprise as a life style, and yet that is exactly what it is. Bakas has developed this lecture, based on the book of the same title, for entrepreneurial associations and for customer relations meetings organized by banks and accountants who provide services to SMEs. Bakas is very familiar with the SME model, not least because he is the Shadow Minister for Innovation in the shadow cabinet of the ONL entrepreneurial association.

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foto van Kapitalisme & Slowbalisering

Capitalism & Slowbalization

Capitalism is the best thing ever invented by mankind. It is thanks to capitalism that humankind have been able to develop and grow more in 500 years than in the preceding 5000. We are living longer and in better conditions, we are richer (even the poorer are better off), we can put in place amazing innovations and in our current knowledge based economy we have access to unimaginable stocks of knowledge and information. Whatever is next?

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foto van Megatrends Werk

Megatrends Work

In the coming 10 to 15 years at least 80 percent of people will lose their current job, according to the well-respected Singularity University. New jobs will replace existing jobs. There has been a historic trend towards a shorter working week; from 70 hours in 1850 to 35 hours currently. This trend is set to continue to include a re-distribution of paid and unpaid work in the participation society of the future, with the right to a minimum of 1 day’s paid work per week as an alternative to the minimum wage and state benefits. The future of work is going to look radically different from what people now think.

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foto van The New Renaissance

The New Renaissance

Most people don’t want a future, most people want todays’ life to carry on for the next thirty years, without anything changing. Yet in the next fifty years, more will change, than in the past 500 years.

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foto van Megatrends China

Megatrends China

Every Dutch entrepreneur will have to deal with China in one way or another in the coming period. Just as the 20th century was the American Century, the 21st century becomes the Chinese Century. Most megatrends are therefore Chinese megatrends. This popular science book charts the Chinese ambitions and trends in the areas of economy, trade, technology, digitization, food & health, tourism, geopolitics, safety, transport and logistics. Dutch entrepreneurs, both in large corporations and SMEs, can take advantage of this Trend Lecture by Adjiedj Bakas, who already marked the rise of China in his first bestseller Megatrends Netherlands in 2005.

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