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The Future of Energy

The Future of Energy

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The prerequisite for making the 21st century a golden century for all of mankind is to have proper systems in place for the management and availability of water, energy and natural resources.  While there is pessimism about this in many quarters, this is without foundation.  We can expect there to be super-smart water management systems that can regulate the availability of the 1 – 2% of fresh water to cover the needs of 9 billion people without the need for water wars.  In addition we will make progress in desalination of seawater thereby increasing the fresh water available exponentially.  Whilst certain new forms of energy will make enormous progress we will continue to use some fossil fuels as part of tomorrow’s energy mix.  Most waste products are destined to be re-cycled.  And more than that, there will be a bio-based economy that will process plant waste to become the basic resource for chemical and other sectors.  Bakas will explain those breakthrough innovations that lie behind today’s headlines.  His stories will feature: smart toilets, houses that are self-sufficient in energy, green coal power plants, gas won from coal in an underground process, LNG, new mobility, the cars and planes of the future, the breakthrough of solar energy, space mining, smart water grids, smart energy grids, deserts destined to bloom again and new earnings models involving water, energy and natural resources.

Adjiedj Bakas has made an extensive tour of insiders and outsiders in these sectors and has written an exciting book on the subject entitled Plenty

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