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Compassion in care

Compassion in care

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Increased use of technology in the care sector is set to continue in the near future.  Think of the role of artificial intelligence and the use of health Apps - both will be increasingly familiar in the coming years.  High blood pressure and sleep apnea will both be managed through means of chips implanted in the body.  There will be a choice of health insurances geared to a variety of life style choices.  Life and death with dignity will become the norm.  Digitalization ensures that patients are better informed and become more demanding.  Doctors’ authority will be under scrutiny, and patients will require both proof and transparency with regard to their health professional’s medical knowledge.  Since health is of great importance people are likely to force a revolution in this sector, and this is what the innovators in the care world predict.  Bottom-up patient organizations are expected to ensure that the autonomy of the patient is respected.  But how trustworthy are the many medical websites consulted by patients before visiting the doctor, or used as a second opinion once they have been prescribed a form of treatment?  The ‘nippies’ (= new hippies) are instrumental in forcing a blurring of boundaries between conventional and alternative medical treatments.  Food & Health will become a natural combination: by altering our diet we can prevent many illnesses.  A change of life style can prevent or reverse Diabetes type 2.  In the future there will be more encouragement of life style changes to improve health.  Currently we pay a doctor to make us better, but maybe in future we will pay the farmer to keep us healthy.  How will the practices of doctors and consultants change?  How will care providers change?  And health insurances?  Is it still necessary to maintain big hospitals?  What is the future of medication in the care sector, and what are the developments in pharmaceuticals?  All of these subjects will be covered in this inspiring lecture by Adjiedj Bakas.

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