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Custom books

Custom books

Would you like to communicate your future vision and future plans to internal and/or external stakeholders? But you don’t want the upshot of this to be something along the lines of the famous “We at Toilet Duck recommend Toilet Duck” commercial? Would you like to link your future plans to trends that have been identified by an independent trend specialist? If so, a customised trend book would be perfect for you.

How does it work?
You figure out your company’s future vision and plans. During one or more brainstorming sessions with trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas, those will be reflected in the trends that he identifies. The ideas will then be used to compile a book which is written together. 

Examples of different clients


In conjunction with the CEO of funeral insurer Yarden, Ron Bavelaar, Bakas wrote a book about trends in the funerals sector. Nowadays, the way in which we pay our last respects to our nearest and dearest is increasingly more personal, whilst the influx of people from other cultures has also resulted in the uniformity in funerals fading away. All in all it can be said that paying last respects and remembering loved ones is increasingly being given the attention that it deserves. These days, we cherish the times at which we can remember our loved ones, which creates more space for processing the loss. In 2015, which ways of paying our last respects and remembering our loved ones are common, and in terms of funerals, what developments are anticipated in the years to come?

woongenotAchmea Woonfonds
In conjunction with Achmea Woonfonds, Trend Office Bakas produced a book about trends in living. It is a given that technology will change our lives dramatically, but what will happen in relation to living? In this coffee table book, trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas and Manager of Woonfonds, Paul Bänziger, have summarised several living-related trends for you. The key element of the book is the pleasure of living.


In conjunction with Center for the Edge, the innovation centre of Deloitte, Adjiedj Bakas wrote the book ‘Deloitte 2020’, which provides an overview of the changes that the commercial sector, in particular Deloitte, will be facing in the years ahead.



Published on the occasion of the 20 year anniversary of Continu, intermediary for professionals in the Construction and Industry sectors, was the book ‘20 jaar wind mee’ (20 years with a tailwind), which is a special edition of ‘Megatrends Werk’ (Megatrends at Work) by Adjiedj Bakas published in 2014.





In conjunction with Mirjam Sijmons, CEO of ArboNed, Adjiedj Bakas wrote ‘Megatrends Stress’, about the negative effects of stress on the professional deployment of personnel, and the ways of reducing sickness absence as a result of stress. In 2015 a second book was published by Sijmons and Bakas about the effects of good/poor sleep on employee performance levels.


3d cover slaap


On behalf of ArboNed Adjiedj Bakas recapitulated all sleep trends and sleep                                      therapies.




At the turn of the year 2013/2014, Samsung Benelux handed out the book ‘Trends 2014’ as a corporate gift to the B2B market: how Samsung translates trends to business. This is a co-production between Samsung’s B2B division and trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas, in which Samsung’s future vision, plans and innovations are linked to trends identified by Bakas.


The core services of the Adecco Group Nederland are: deployment of temporary staff, secondment, payroll services, recruitment & selection, testing solutions, training & education, outplacement and international mobility. Adecco Group Nederland comprises Adecco, Ajilon, Badenoch & Clark, Pontoon and Lee Hecht Harrison. Together, they offer general and professional staffing, based on different business lines. On behalf of Adecco’s customers, in 2013 we produced three trend books that were distributed amongst Adecco’s customers, in combination with themed breakfast sessions. “A huge success,” says Marketing Manager Rinus Wittenberg from Adecco about this campaign.



Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam
For its own employees and associates in the Rotterdam region, the Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam had the trend book “The Future of Health” customised, resulting in its own book “Gezond aan de Maas (Healthy on the Maas). The book starts with its own approximately 30-page section, in which the hospital’s future vision and future plans are unveiled and an explanation is given on how this fits in with the healthcare trends. Following on from that are the healthcare trends that Adjiedj Bakas identified at an earlier stage. Dick Berkelder, the Marketing Manager at that time of Maasstad Hospital: “This worked well. We linked the best from both worlds, the internal world of the hospital and the external social and healthcare technological trends that an objective outside party had identified.” 



De Unie Trade Union
De Unie Trade Union represents the interests of employees in various sectors, including the food and agriculture sector. The trade union wants to be forward-thinking, to move with trends that will change work in sectors in which De Unie is active. That is why the trade union had the trend book “The Future of Food” by Adjiedj Bakas customised for members of the food and agriculture sector. Future vision and future plans of the trade union in this sector were linked in this book to the trends identified by Adjiedj Bakas. Chairman of the trade union, Reinier Castelein: “This proved to be an excellent partnership, in which knowledge and networks were linked together.”



OMALA (Development Company Lelystad Almere Airport)
OMALA is looking for pioneers for Airport Garden City, the leading national living lab for innovative, sustainable area development. It is for that reason that the bilingual trend book “Megatrends OMALA” was produced, which starts with the future vision of OMALA, supplemented by the trends identified by Adjiedj Bakas. The book includes columns about companies already based in Airport Garden City. Eric Rijnders, Director of OMALA reports: “A great partnership!”.


If you are considering a customised trend book in which your knowledge and future vision are linked to trends identified by an independent specialist, we can produce trend books in a print run upwards of 500 books. Complete customisation. Would you like to learn more? Ralph Uittenbogaard can tell you anything you need to know: info@bakas.nl or 020-6271017.

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