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Sector Lectures

Sector Lectures

foto van De Toekomst van Energie

The Future of Energy

Through the application of clever new methods of generating energy there will be plenty for everyone leading us into an era of permanently cheap energy. The innovations around the corner include Thorium MSR power plants and energy created by waves, tides and seaweed. Solar energy will become more efficient and cheaper to produce and as well as becoming more energy-efficient we will increasingly be using geothermal sources. Cheap energy will spell the end of the old earnings model in the energy sector, and will also lead to the end of wind energy in its current form.

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foto van Ziel in de Zorg

Compassion in care

A shift in the balance of power, choices of time spent, different ideas about material possessions and health and a shift in the concept of solidarity all feed into the current transformation to a new model of society. Technological disruptions are forcing the pace of innovation, and this technological progress leaves in its wake winners and losers. Success is determined by a person’s ability to adapt, be flexible, empathetic and forge links to work together with others. The main challenge, especially in health care, will be the ability to embrace new technology whilst at the same time retaining the human touch. Much remains unclear. What will future hospitals and doctors’ practices look like? The changes are more far-reaching than for example the use of an App to allow patients to monitor aspects of their health. The digital transformation of society in general will need to be reflected in health care along the guidelines of the so-called Triple Aim (better care, better patie

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foto van De Digitale Transformatie

The Digital Transformation

The digital breakthough transformation is happening now. Businesses are employing this technology strategically to make their operational organization more efficient, to increase their net worth and to ensure that client satisfaction is even more central. Only 27% of businesses have a coherent digital strategy. However, Digital Darwinism will become the norm: ‘change or disappear’. All big digital trends have reached their tipping point: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) have come of age and now interrelate and strengthen each other, thus becoming a nexus of forces. To this can be added the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), technologies that will be responsible for further acceleration. They all reinforce each other and together become a digital storm that rages with devastating effect through the business community. Old earnings models disappear, new ones take their place.

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foto van De Toekomst van het Platteland

The Future of the Countryside

The countryside is reinventing itself with plans for a thriving future. Already internet companies and SMEs are attracted to set up their businesses there. In various European countries young people are choosing to move to rural locations that have been suffering from shrinking populations, often out of financial considerations because the cost of living is cheaper. Onwards to rurbanization and e-towns. In this lecture Bakas will chart the trends and opportunities for the countryside.

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foto van Farm & Food

Farm & Food

No farmers, no food. The world population is swelling by 220.000 people per day. By 2050 the Farm and Food sector faces the challenge of offering around 9 billion people healthy and nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner and at a reasonable price, according to COP21, the Climate Agreement signed at Paris. In the next 40 years more food will be needed than in the previous 4,000 years. The efficient farming methods of the Dutch are an example to the rest of the world. But less and less young people want to become farmers. What is the future of farming? And how will the Farm and Food sector develop in the light of digitalization?

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foto van Overheid van Morgen

The Government of Tomorrow

All of us citizens together make up society. And in order to allow each citizen to reach his or her potential it is Government’s task to function as a facilitator, not a hindrance. In the up and coming participation society ‘tribes’ of about 150 people will increasingly be organizing their lives, just like 12,000 years ago when we also lived in tribes. All the town and country plans that are current are in fact already out of date because a revolution is taking place: the Digital Transformation. What should happen is that in the coming five years all longer term plans are scrapped in order to develop new forward plans fit for the future.

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foto van A New Future for Finance

A New Future for Finance

Money makes the world go round. That is, and always will be, the case. However, whereas in the US 80 percent of businesses borrow money without resorting to banks, in The Netherlands that is only the case for 20 percent. But via Bazel-III and shortly Bazel-IV there is a change towards the American system of lending. Fintech is coming up, and blockchain technology is making sure there will be new currency. It is already possible to obtain a mortgage via Peer2Peer banking in Germany. What will be the future for banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks and private wealth managers?

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foto van Onderwijs voor Morgen

Education for Tomorrow

The function of education is to skill up children for the employment market of tomorrow. Therefore we need to make full use of digitalization to create personalized education tailored to develop the talents of each individual child. At the same time the human touch will become more important than ever. Only passionate teachers can inspire and enthuse children to learn new skills. Future-proofed education learns to re-evaluate history. It is a truism that history repeats itself, only the form it takes alters. How can schools and teachers ready themselves for the new times ahead?

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foto van De Toekomst van Vastgoed

The Future of Real Estate

The population in many European regions is shrinking. And growing numbers of people live alone in the ‘single people society’. Living alone is becoming more expensive, especially for the elderly, as pensions are now reducing. Therefore, the future is group residential housing and multi-generational homes. Young people in their twenties who lived independently are returning to their parents’ homes: the “kangaroo children”. As we are now increasingly working from home, our home offices must also live up to regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. But we will also be working differently; the portable workplace will be emerging. The blending of real estate functions means that, actually, all zoning plans will have to be released for 5 years, to enable the huge transition in society. At the same time, the low interest rates (which will remain low for at least another 40 years) will result in investments in real estate and (agricultural) land becoming more attractive. Const

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foto van De Toekomst van Mobiliteit

The Future of Mobility

Around 100 years ago, we travelled less than 30 kilometres a year. Now we travel at least 30,000 kilometres a year, not including transport by air. Soon there will be 9 billion people travelling, an increase in tourism and, at the same time, more virtual possibilities than ever before. Meetings through Skype or other methods of videoconferencing, virtual reality making it feel as though you are in another region, though you are actually sitting at home. Self-driving cars and trucks, drones that take your home to your holiday destination, motorcycles that are also boats and many more recombinations of transport modes. But later on will we be able to travel within an extremely short timeframe using the Hyperloop? Will there be new supersonic aircraft? What impact will the terror threat have on travel? And the mixing of bacteria from all over the world that turn against man. Will that make us travel less in the future?

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