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Megatrends Work

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The constant technological innovation of our time has some drawbacks, namely that in the short term, as software and robots replace humans, there will be a rise in unemployment.  In particular the middle management layer – such as administrators – will suffer most redundancies; yet another strike against the middle classes who have already had to take many knock backs during the recession of 2008.  On the plus side, technological innovation brings all sorts of new opportunities, including the growth of a new professional sector.  In this lecture Bakas will highlight a number of current and new job roles that are likely to give people a healthy chance in the near future.  Whilst some jobs are familiar, such as biologist and detective, there are some new roles, such as corporate disruptor or chief data officer.  Freelancers increasingly replace permanent contract holders, sometimes dipping into a temporary contract; a so-called ‘hybrid employment relationship’.  There will be an increasing number of people who earn their money by undertaking a variety of tasks.  Bakas calls this type of work activity ‘hustling’.  Despite these changes Bakas remains optimistic; he sees technological advances leading to more riches being created by fewer people.  Therefore in the future it will be less important that everyone has fulltime work, but more of interest will be that the work is divided fairly, that people have a guaranteed income and that they learn to be luckier by organizing their life into a better work-life balance.

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