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Trends 2020

Trends 2020

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2020 is the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese.

For the Chinese, the rat is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Because rats reproduce quickly, Chinese often adore the rat if they want their child's wish to be fulfilled. Whether we are going to breed again in 2020 after a strike and a baby boom remains to be seen.

Aging Europe is increasingly promoting new babies. After all, you cannot build a future based on other people's children. Keeping our houses warm without gas turns out to be dirty, and now that the entire world is going through an energy transition to gas and LNG, the gas hatred of recent years is giving way to a new love of gas.

The youth embraces socialism and a new feudalization is coming. Small, the new becomes large. The Digital Workplace is becoming more and more reality, e-commerce is growing and logistics are digitizing fast, but the division within Big Tech is becoming greater.

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